Managing Class Permissions

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NOTE:  If you allow a student into your class that does not meet the prerequisite for the course, you must grant a permission to the student and select the appropriate check box (Requisite Not Met) that identifies that the reason for the permission is to allow a student to override the prerequisite.

You must grant a student permission to take your class for one of several reasons:

The steps for granting permissions into your class is dependent on the reasons that you need to grant the permission.

Success Factors

  • Communicate with the student with whom you are granting the permission to ensure they understand how to use the permission.

  • Ensure the student uses the permission within the registration period.

  • If the course is closed, or full, the permission will not work unless you have checked off the 'course closed' check box when granting the permission.  (Don't worry, if you forgot then you can always go back to check the box if necessary.)


Step by Step Instructions

Click here to view the steps for granting permissions for Permission Only classes.

Click here to view the steps for setting up permission numbers for a course that is not permission required.

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SA Tip

There are different reasons to grant a student permission to take your class.  You  must select the checkbox related to the reason for the permission for each student that you add to your permission list.  The reasons include:

Reason Checkbox


Closed Class

Class is Full

Requisites Not Met

Pre or Co-Requisites not met by student (only operates when departments utilize the automatic prerequisite checking within SA.)

Consent Required

This field must be selected for all permissions. It indicates that the instructor grants permission for the student to take the course.

Career Restriction

Undergraduate Student trying to enroll in a Graduate course

Permission Time Period

Not Used




Still Need Help?

 If you are still have problems with permissions, please contact the Registar's Office