Viewing My Class Roster in SA

Before You Begin...

If you are listed as the instructor for a class, you can view the roster for your class via myUMBC /Guide/ Class & Grades / Teaching Schedule.  Your class roster will include students who have enrolled in your class, students who have enrolled but then dropped the class, and students who are wait listed for your class (if your class has a wait list.) 

The class roster in SA automatically populates the blackboard roster prior to the beginning of the term and through the end of the registration period.

Keep in mind that your grade roster is generated based on the students that are listed as enrolled on your SA class roster.  For this reason, it is important to ensure your class roster in SA is accurate and complete as early in the term as possible.  If you have questions about students who are not appearing on your roster but are attending class (or students who are on your roster but have not attended), please submit a help ticket to

Ensure you select the correct term prior to viewing your class roster!

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Step by Step

  1. From the myUMBC Guide, select > Classes & Grades > Teaching Schedule.

  2. Select the correct term.

  3. Locate the class for which you want to view the roster.

  4. Select the class roster icon. 

    .  The class roster with the currently enrolled students is displayed.

  5. Print your roster using the printing features of your internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)

To view the waitlist &/or the dropped list, select the desired view from the Enrollment Status drop down menu.

SA Tip

If you do not see your class listed in your Teaching Schedule, ensure that you are viewing the correct term.  If you are viewing the correct term and still don't see your class listed, you are likely not listed as an instructor for the class.  Please contact the Registrar's Office or your scheduling coordinator for assistance.

Still Need Help?

 If you are still have problems with your class roster, please contact the Registar's Office

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