Managing Prerequisites

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If your course has an approved prerequisite in the catalog then the prerequisite is enforced as part of the enrollment process.  This means that students that have not successfully passed the prerequisite courses, or are not currently enrolled in a prerequisite course, will not be able to register for your class without a Requisites Not Met override.

In order to allow a student that does not meet the prerequisite into your course, you must grant the student a permission AND select the appropriate check box, which is Requisites Not Met.

If your course is closed, and the student does not meet the prerequisite, then you must select both the Closed Class AND Requisites Not Met check boxes in order for the student to be able to enroll in the class.  If you do not select Closed Class when the class if full, then the student can add themselves to the wait list for the class. 

Prior to the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, the Registrar's Office runs an audit process to identify students who are enrolled in courses for which they have not met the prerequisite.  This allows us to identify students who may have done poorly in, or withdrawn from, prerequisite courses after enrolling in a subsequent course.  Communication is sent to each student advising them to drop the course and work with their adviser to make alternate course selections.  Students who do not withdraw themselves are administratively dropped from the course. 

If a Requisites Not Met override has been granted for a student, they are excluded from the audit and allowed to remain enrolled in the course. 


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SA Tip

There are different reasons to grant a student permission to take your class.  You  must select the checkbox related to the reason for the permission for each student that you add to your permission list.  The reasons include:

Reason Checkbox


Closed Class

Class is Full

Requisites Not Met

Pre or Co-Requisites not met by student (only operates when departments utilize the automatic prerequisite checking within SA.)

Consent Required

Permission is required for this class (This field must be checked for Permission only classes.)

Career Restriction

Undergraduate Student trying to enroll in a Graduate course


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