Managing Permissions for Permission-Only Classes

Before You Begin...

If a class is setup as a student-specific permission-only class, you must grant permissions for every student who takes the class.  You select the reason for the permission for each student who is being granted permission to take the class.

All students will need the Consent Required check box selected.  Some students may need both the Consent Required and other check boxes selected, depending on the circumstances for the permission.  See the SA Tip on the right for additional check box definitions.

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Step by Step

  1. Log into myUMBC and click Guide --> Classes and Grades --> Class Permissions.
  2. Use the search fields to locate the class for which you need to grant permissions.

  3. Once your class opens, you must navigate to the correct section of the class where you want to grant permissions (use the arrows on the right of the Class Section Data to scroll through the sections.)   Hint:  If your class has a lecture and lab (or some other class type), ensure the section you select has the Class Type = Enrollment Section.  If it does not, scroll to the correct section with the appropriate Class Type.

  4. Locate the Class Permissions Data section of the course.  Click once on the Look Up icon  to the right of the ID field.   The Look Up ID window is displayed.

  5. Enter the search criteria for the student, and select Look Up.   A list of students who meet your search criteria are displayed at the bottom of the page.

  6. Select the student's name from the displayed list.  (The student is added to the permission page.)
  7. Select the Permission Tab.
  8. Select the checkbox(es) that identify why you are giving permission to the student(Hint:  The student will only be able to use the permission based on the reason's you select.)
  9. Select the Comments Tab.
  10. Enter a comment - suggestions include who granted the permission and the reason why the permission was granted.
  11. Click Save.

 To add additional students, click the Plus ( + ) sign to the right of the student's name.  Save any additional changes.

SA Tip

There are different reasons to grant a student permission to take your class.  You  must select the checkbox related to the reason for the permission for each student that you add to your permission list.  The reasons include:

Reason Checkbox


Closed Class

Class is Full

Requisites Not Met

Pre or Co-Requisites not met by student (only operates when departments utilize the automatic prerequisite checking within SA.)

Consent RequiredThis field must be selected for all permissions. It indicates that the instructor grants permission for the student to take the course.

Career Restriction

Undergraduate Student trying to enroll in a Graduate course

Permission Time PeriodNot Used

Still Need Help?

 If you are still have problems with permissions, please contact the Registar's Office