Frequently Asked Questions - Students

FAQs - Students

Student Financials FAQ

Q. How may I find my account balances?
A. Please log on to Student Self Services through "myUMBC" portal and click the link for Student Finance.


Please call Student Business Services at (410) 455-2288

Q. Is it possible for me to view my account balance as soon as I enroll for classes?        

A. Yes. You will need to log on to your "myUMBC" portal and follow the links to retrieve your account information. You may pay for your account balances from this portal as well. 

Q. Will I be able to allow my parents to view my accounts?

A. Yes. You will have to create accounts for your parents and give them access to view your account. However, they may be limited to perform certain activities like viewing and paying your bills, depending on the security access that you provide for them.

Q. Am I protected under FERPA?

A. Yes, absolutely. You will have to grant access to specific individuals in order for them to get your account information.

Financial Aid

Q. Will applying for financial aid change with Student Administration (SA)?

A. No, the process for applying for financial aid will not change. 
You will still complete the FAFSA online.

Q.  How will I be notified of my financial aid award?

A. You will be notified by email that your award package is viewable in self service as it is done now.  In addition, any documents required to complete the processing of your financial aid will be viewable in self service.

Q. How will my aid be posted to my student account?

A. Your financial aid will be posted to your student in the same manner as it is done now.  The format of your bill be different in Student Administration.

Q. Will processing dates change in Student Administration?

A. No, the filing date for the FAFSA will remain the same as it is now. "Apply Online by Valentines" will continue to be our slogan.