Spotlight On Jill Barr

K. Jill Barr, Assistant Dean of Graduate Enrollment, Graduate School
Right now I'm using SA reporting features to easily review our admitted applicant and yield numbers, and to view the breakdown by program. Program directors and coordinators have similar access to their applications using the SA reporting tools, using data they have otherwise not been able to access in the SIS system. And, in conjunction with the ImageNow software, departments can make annotations on applications and transcripts and share these notes with members of the selection committee.  
 Yes, some of the changes are different.  We are in a transition and there is more work up front to do to help the system work more smoothly, but in the end there is more data and enhanced access to applications and support documents than we have had in the past.
 I feel it's a win for the university once everyone has had a chance to use it more and get accustomed to the product. I'm not a technical person, but I've found it relatively easy to use and more intuitive than SIS and it's easy to "fix" if you make a mistake. 
 I believe this is a good investment for the future of UMBC.