How do I include a screencast video in an FAQ article?

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  1. Access this shared Panopto folder; log into your myUMBC account if prompted

  2. Click Create > Record a New Session

  3. Record and upload your screencast

  4. Access the recording, edit as desired, and apply any changes

  5. After the video has processed, click the Share button beside the video, then select the Embed tab at the top of the interface

  6. Keep the default Aspect Ratio and Width (Optional: Enable 'Watch in Panopto'; Show Title)

  7. Change the Who has access: setting to Anyone with the link

  8. Click Copy Embed Code

  9. Click Save changes

  10. Navigate to the FAQ for you wish to add the video

  11. Click on the + Icon in the top of the Confluence interface > Other Macros

  12. Search "HTML" and insert the option that "Allows the use of HTML code within a Confluence page"

  13. Paste the Embed code from the Panopto video into the HTML widget

  14. Update the FAQ page when you've finished editing.