What do I need to do before I register for classes?

  • This FAQ shows the new myUMBC Guide to Registration for undergraduates with an advance registration appointment date for Fall or Spring terms.

  • It identifies five (5) key steps students should take to prepare for and follow up a meeting with an advisor.

  • Important: If you do NOT have an advance registration appointment – or it has passed – click here to register.

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Here are the key steps to the myUMBC Guide to Registration

After you log into myUMBC, look for the "Guide" on the left-hand navigation or just below the main screen. Then you can do the following:

  1. Verify declared degree
    Asks students to verify that their record agrees with the major/minor/certificates they are pursuing.

  2. Schedule Advisor Meetings
    Tells students to arrange to meet with their advisor and gives major-specific contact information.

  3. Review course options
    Directs students to their degree audit and resources for selecting classes.

  4. Meet with advisor
    Reminds students to meet with their advisor and gives tips about how to have a productive meeting.

  5. Register for classes
    Shows students their earliest registration date and provides links to registration tools. It also shows the classes they are registered for, waitlisted, and in their shopping cart.

Can I see how the guide works? 

The "Show Me" video above uses an interactive demo also available here: https://umbc.edu/go/my4-guidedemo.