How do I use Pharos Mobile Printing on an iOS Device?

Pharos mobile printing enables you to remotely upload images and documents to Pharos printer stations. Funds for Pharos printing come from your Campus Card account. For more information about Campus Card and how to add funds to it, please go here:

This guide directs how to use the QR code printing functionality within Pharos.

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  1. Upload your print job by opening a browser & visiting

  2. Sign in using your UMBC username and password.                                                                      

  3. At the upper left corner of the new window, click the "upload" option to upload the document(s) you would like to print. 

  4. Head to a Pharos Print Station.  

  5. If you already have the Pharos Print app setup, open the app and proceed to step 5(e). If this is your first time setting it up, proceed below:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    1. First, go to the App Store and search for Pharos Print. Once you find the app, press "GET".

    2. Press "INSTALL" to install the app. You might be asked for you Apple ID password, so enter in your Apple ID credentials and press "OK".

    3. Click "OPEN" to run the app.

    4. Type in for the "Server Address" and 443 for "Server Port" and press "Connect".

    5. On the next screen, login with your myUMBC username (whatever comes before the part of your email) and password, and click Log On

    6. When your are logged on, you will enter the main screen and will see a list of the documents you uploaded. Select the checkbox for the document (s) you want to print:


    7. To change the print options, such as color, double-sided, pages per side, copies and page range. Click on Print options on the bottom right:


    8. From the main screen, click on the QR code icon on the upper right of the screen and your camera should open. Allow any camera permission request. Scan the QR code by the print station:


    9.   A confirmation page will pop-up with the details of your print job. Click on "Confirm" and your print job will be submitted for printing:


  6. To log out, press the "Log out" option on the upper left and then confirm the log out prompt that appears:


  7. Now you can go to any Pharos station in the Library, Commons, or in the Engineering building and swipe your Campus ID Card at the release station to print the files that you have uploaded.