Schedule of Classes - Training & Support


WHAT TRAINING DO  I NEED?  Training Link - Find the training plan for your role, course descriptions, the schedule of training classes and a direct link to register for the course that best fits your needs.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT SA? Customer Support Link - Find the most frequently asked questions about SA and their answers. 
WHAT DO ALL THESE NEW SA TERMS MEAN? Glossary Link -  Link directly to the SA Glossary to look up the new terms you need know.

WHERE CAN I POST A COMMENT OR GIVE FEEDBACK ON THE SA PROJECT? SA Forum Link -  The SA Forum is a feedback tool designed to allow users to post a comment about SA, reply to a comment about SA, or just review the posted comments.  Please feel free to begin using this feature immediately.  The postings will be reviewed and considered as we continue through the implementation of SA. 

 ILT vs. UPK

Training for SA will be offered in a variety of different formats. 

Instructor-led training (ILT) will be available throughout the SA implementation. Most courses will be conducted by role and focus on tasks you need to learn to work successfully and confidently in SA.
Self-paced training and presentations will be available throughout the SA implementation. For example, SA Overview is available now as a downloadable Powerpoint presentation.

User Productivity Kit (UPK) is our self-paced e-learning tool.  Post-implementation course materials and specific topics will be available for refresher training, new hire training, or "just couldn't get to instructor-led training" training.