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Guideline 131 - Library Signs

Signs Posted by Library Staff

Unit heads are responsible for wording and creation of signs affecting their operations. Signs conveying generally applicable information are ordinarily created by the Administrative Offices.

  1. Bold, sans serif fonts (preferably Helvetica) should be used to make the sign more visible and more readable.

  2. Signs should be mounted on foam board or mat board to make them more durable.

  3. The size of the font will depend on the amount of information that will be put on the sign, but the fonts should be no smaller than 24 point. This will insure that the sign will be readable by all. (The stack labels are done in 40 point font.)

  4. Stack labels should be no larger than 5x6.

  5. Call numbers on stack labels should be abbreviated at the third (cutter) line. This will allow for more flexibility when shifting the collection. Call numbers should be printed in a single line since this is the way they are displayed in the online catalog.
    Example: PR679.M3

  6. Fancy borders should not be used because they may clutter the sign too much.

  7. Graphics should be used sparingly because they, too, may clutter the sign.

Bulletin Board Posting

  • Library bulletin boards in public areas are reserved for notices of academic events and services with the exception of the bulletin board located in the building lounge on the first floor (room 132).

  • Personal or commercial notices may be posted in the building lounge; they will be removed from all other library bulletin boards.

  • All notices on all bulletin boards, including the building lounge, will be cleared at the end of each semester and summer.

General Rules for Postings:

  • Signs may not be posted on front doors or other non-bulletin board locations unless approved by the Library Administrative Offices.

  • Where feasible, temporary signs must be placed in sign holders.

  • Postings on painted surfaces are generally not permitted, since such postings can damage the paint. Tape, in any form, is not permitted on any painted surface.

reference: Unit head minutes 8/12/91

guideline implemented 8/12/91, edited 8/13/04; 4/4/08 - consolidated with 11/27/95 version of guideline 228 on bulletin boards; added general rules for postings.

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