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Guideline 107 - Library Policy Committee

A Library Policy Committee is provided by A PLAN OF ORGANIZATION FOR THE SENATES OF UMBC, adopted April, 2004 (pp.12-13), as follows:

VI. University Committees
M. Library Policy Committee

  1. Membership shall include three faculty members; three students, to include one graduate student, unless the committee shall find it necessary to seat an undergraduate student in his or her place; two professional staff; one Non-Exempt Excluded staff; Director of the Library, ex officio. The chair shall be elected by the committee, and shall report to each Senate at least once each year.

  2. The functions of the Library Policy Committee shall be to review and recommend policies with regard to the operation of the library.


The Committee has generally met in the Library. The Director of the Library has frequently brought to the meetings additional Library staff to participate in discussions as appropriate (e.g., to report in detail on Library rules, guidelines and procedures). The Library Administrative Offices has provided support services to the Library Policy Committee, such as keeping of records, dissemination of meeting announcements and minutes.

In addition to periodically reporting to the committee on the "state of the library," and discussing items of interest to the committee, the Director of the Library has in the past generally brought to the committee for review and recommendation proposed significant changes in guidelines in such areas as access to the library, lending rules, and distribution of acquisitions resources among academic programs, as well as major changes in library services.

Minutes of Library Policy Committee proceedings are maintained in files of the Administrative Offices of the Library.

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