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Guideline 110 - Dissemination of Policies, Rules, Guidelines, and Procedures

In executing their responsibilities, all staff of the Library are responsible for adherence to federal, State, and local laws; State, University System of Maryland, and UMBC policies and procedures; and Library and Library unit rules, guidelines and procedures.

The most effective way to check on USM and UMBC policies is through the Internet. The most used USM and UMBC policies and procedures are found through:

USM Board of Regents Policies:

UMBC Policies, Procedures and Governance:

The UMBC Library does not create policies but may create Library rules, guidelines and procedures, subject to the review and approval of the UMBC campus administration and in consultation, where appropriate, with campus governance bodies such as the Library Policy Committee. Current Library-wide rules, guidelines and procedures are posted on the Library web pages; rules, guidelines and summaries of procedures relevant to individual Library departments and of use to Library users are posted on department web pages. Internal procedures for Library staff only are posted for staff only access.

The Director or designee posts online for all staff the Library-wide rules, guidelines and procedures.

Unit Heads are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and communication to unit staff of those rules, guidelines and procedures for which that unit in particular is responsible. Such unit rules, guidelines and procedures should be kept in accessible manuals or files for ready consultation by staff, online, and in print when appropriate. Unit Heads are further responsible for bringing changes in unit rules, guidelines and procedures to the Director for approval and to the Library Executive Committee for feedback when other units are affected.

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