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Guideline 510 - Gift Receipt Procedure

When a gift in kind is received by a Kuhn Library & Gallery staff member, this procedure should be followed:

  1. Contact the Collection Management Office to alert the staff, then direct the donor to CM. If no CM staff are available, try to locate a librarian to receive the gift. If no librarians are available, proceed to the following steps. However, if the gift appears to be especially valuable, call senior staff at home as you would for an emergency.

  2. Refer to the donor policy Giving materials to the Library.

  3. Donors may inquire about donating journals.  The Library stopped accepting most donations of journals in 1991, but will occasionally accept titles that supplement the collection.  Ask the donor to provide a list of titles and general dates to the Collection Management office   If the journals are included in the gift, tell the donor that you are not able to tell whether they could be accepted under this guideline. If they were not to be accepted, they would have to be discarded or picked up again by the donor.

  4. If the donor still wants to donate, complete a "Gift Receipt Form" immediately (see attached blank form). Give the donor the original of this form, and make a copy for the Library. Be sure to include:

    • Full name, address and phone number(s) of the donor

    • The date the gift was received

    • Reference to any additional paperwork offered by the donor, e.g. a letter of transmittal, inventory, etc.

    • A description of the gift (i.e., number of boxes and type of material.) If any individual items are worth more than $100, list them separately and briefly describe each.

    • Any unusual requirements or instructions from the donor

    • Your signature
      An evaluation and letter of acknowledgment of the gift will be provided to the donor, normally within 60 days.
      Be sure that the "Information for Donors" document is on the reverse of the receipt form which you give to the donor.

  5. Take the gift, along with the completed form and any accompanying paperwork, within one working day, to Collection Management. Be sure that you tell the Collection Management Assistant where you put the gift. If a gift is expected to be worth more than $5,000 or if the Donor is significant, give a copy of the gift paperwork to the Director's Office.

  6. If the gift is intended for the Special Collections Department, give copies of the paperwork to the Director, the Head of Special Collections, and the Curator of Photography, so that they can follow their procedures for accessioning and evaluating the gift.

Effective 10/25/91, reviewed 12/7/10, revised 5/21/12 moskal

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