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Guideline 740 - Contacts with Salespeople

In the interests of efficiency, Library staff should not allow telephone or in-person contacts to be initiated by salespeople.

Staff should firmly and politely tell salespeople who attempt to initiate unsolicited contact that we do not have time to work with them.

Staff should direct salespeople instead to send written materials to us for evaluation as time permits. We will not commit to responding to these materials, however.

Library staff may initiate contacts with salespeople freely while carefully observing all applicable COMAR and UMBC procurement regulations (see Library Guideline 320).

When dealing with salespeople, staff should remain mindful that they cannot seek or accept any personal advantage which might reasonably be interpreted as an attempt to influence an employee in the conduct of University duties. Such personal advantage may be gifts, personal loans, advances or accommodations, financial or other, not readily available to other persons on similar terms.

References: L. Wilt memo to staff 1/4/90
UMS Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees, VIII-1.
UMS Personnel Policies and Rules for Associate
Staff, p. 9, E.2.a.

guideline implemented 1/4/90
revised 7/21/92

reviewed, 12/7/10, aldana

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