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Guideline 741 - Distribution of Sales Literature

Commercial firms not affiliated with UMBC have on occasion placed their promotional advertising literature at tables in the Library & Gallery or even at/on service desks, sometimes intermingled with Library & Gallery literature or other UMBC-sponsored literature so as to imply UMBC or Library & Gallery endorsement.

While not passing any judgment whatsoever on the quality or worth of such commercial services, because Library & Gallery service desks are points of official UMBC contact, and because we do not endorse or recommend commercial products, such literature should be removed immediately from service desks and other inappropriate locations if and when found.

Staff should firmly and politely tell salespeople who attempt to place such commercial advertising literature that their actions are inappropriate and that the literature should be removed.

References: J. LeBreton memo to unitheads 5/16/96
see also Guideline 131 - Library Signs re bulletin boards

previously implemented guideline written 6/24/96

reviewed 12/7/10, aldana

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