"NVivo needs permission to access data on your computer before it can run" even after you've granted permissions on macOS

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  1. Download the attached file (CloudTabs.db) to your Desktop.

  2. Close NVivo and remove Full Disk Access permissions in System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy tab

  3. Restart the computer and then add Full Disk Access permissions again for NVivo. Do not launch NVivo.

  4. Open Finder.

  5. Go to the Desktop and copy CloudTabs.db.

  6. Open another Finder window and click on Go from the Finder menu option.

  7. Press the Option key on the keyboard. The Library option should now show under the Go menu.

  8. Click on Library.

  9. Navigate to the Safari folder then paste CloudTabs.db in the Safari folder.

  10. Close Finder and launch NVivo.