Inventory Transfer to Other Custodial Units/Depts


This form is used to transfer equipment to other custodial units / departments.

How to fill out this form:

Web Form:

  • To begin the DocuSign/RT process click here

  • Choose Inventory Transfer to Other Custodial Unit/Dept in the Reason for Adjustment dropdown menu. This will cause fields to open for signatures for both giving and receiving custodians and approvers.

  • Click here to check the custodian and approver name for a department in the custodian list. You can also find this list by looking at the useful links on the top right of the DocuSign page.

  • Enter the information for the transferring department, custodian and approver names and emails.

  • Enter the information for the receiving department, custodian and approver names and emails.

Docusign Form:

  • Requires the Transferring custodian to enter a comment.

  • Requires a signature.

  • Requires the Transferring department to complete the following attributes for each piece of equipment:

    • UMBC Tag#

    • Item Description

    • Serial Number

  • Click on Finish.

Receiving Department needs to enter the following:

  • Requires the new building

  • Requires the new room

  • Requires the new chartstring

    • Fund Code

    • Prog-Fin

    • Dept Code

  • Click on Finish.

Overall Process:

The transferring department submits the transfer form to the receiving department. Inventory Control does not receive the transfer form until it is approved by both departments.

Inventory Control processes the transfer in Asset Management and resolves the ticket .