What is the Actuals Detail by Date Period report?

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What is the Actual Details by Date Period report?

The Actuals Detail by Date Period report shows all transaction lines pertaining to a selected chart-string for the selected date period.

Who Should use this report?

The report provides low-level detail that will show a users what specifically their revenue or expenses are for their department.

The report is also useful for reconciling, as it is similar to the Retriever Account Inquiry report.

Running the Report

File Path:  Financial Reports > Detail Reports > Actuals Detail by Date Period


Set the report period:

Begin Date

End Date

Department - Select one department or a roll-up department.

Account - Defaults to all accounts, users can also select specific account, or a specific type of account (at the bottom).

Fund - Select one fund code.

Projects - Select which projects to include.

Include Fringe Benefits -Fringe Benefits that are reimbursable for 1111 fund. Defaults to "Yes".

*NEW March 2020: You can now click to include "Year-End periods", to include entries made in the the adjustment periods (906, 910, 920, 930, 970, & 998).

Reading the Report

The report is broken down into different transaction categories.

The first page will have the revenue transactions (if applicable).

The next page will show the payroll information.

The next page are the operating expenses. All the detail information for operating expenses from each transaction line will appear on the same table (Both Journal Entries and Vouchers).

Drill Downs

Clicking on the journal ID will pull up the Journal Entry Detail report and show all the journal information.