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When you create an assessment in the Ultra Course View, you have many options to promote academic integrity and honesty in student submissions. However, online submissions allow students to submit work outside of a physical classroom. Students may have the opportunity to refer to disallowed materials when drafting submissions. Academic integrity can be difficult to protect without additional tools. With Respondus Lockdown Browser, you can deliver assessments in a secure browser to make sure students aren’t influenced by external sources when drafting and submitting attempts.

NOTE: Facial detection should not be checked for any student with SDS Testing accommodations. See → How do I disable facial detection student notifications in a Respondus Monitor?

Tell Me

  1. Open Test Settings in a new or existing test.
  2. Select Lockdown Browser Dashboard at the bottom of the panel (under Assessment Security).
  3. On the dashboard, a list of all assessments in your course appears.
  4. Find the assessment you want to update.
  5. Choose to deliver the assessment using Respondus LockDown Browser.

    NOTE: You cannot assign a password or access code on an Ultra test since Respondus Lockdown Browser uses that field to secure the test – if you need to set a password, you must do so through the Advanced Settings in RLDB. 

  6. Close the layer and continue editing other test settings.


Certain assessment settings won’t work when you enable a secure assessment:

    • You can add a timer, randomize questions and answers, allow multiple attempts, align goals, etc. 
    • You can’t collect offline submissions or assign groups for a secure assessment.

Advanced Settings

After you enable Respondus LockDown Browser for an assessment, additional options appear.

By default, the setting Require LockDown Browser to view feedback and results is checked. You can also:

  • Lock student into the browser until exam is completed. Students won't be able to exit the exam until they complete and submit their work.
  • You can provide an optional password for students or other course members who you want to provide an exception.
  • Allow students to take this exam with an iPad. If this setting is not selected, students must complete the assessment on a desktop computer.
  • Allow access to specific external web domains. If you want to allow students to access certain websites while they work on the assessment, you can specify those under this setting.
  • Enable Calculator on the toolbar. Allow students to access a digital calculator while working on the exam.
  • Enable Printing from the toolbar. Allow students to print the assessment while it's open.

After Testing

Respondus tools are not needed to view submissions, grade work, or provide feedback. Grading and feedback workflows for secure assessments are identical to grading and feedback workflows for assessments without this setting.

The Respondus Dashboard is also available from the Books & Course Tools menu.