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Most third-party tools will synchronize your Blackboard username with the vendor's system. Sometimes the account needs to be created by the user (e.g., publisher tool) and sometimes the account already exists because it's University-provisioned (e.g., Box). Some third-party tools require your web browser to use cookies and if you do not allow third-party cookies, you may have trouble logging into the tools or viewing content.

To resolve the problem, configure your browser to accept third-party cookies and try again. Please  Please refer to these instructions for your browser:

Some browsers (such as Safari) disable the use of 3rd-party by default but allow users to enable the use of cookies on a per-site or all at once. Users may follow these steps to allow cookies to be stored on their device and prevent this issue from occurring:

  1. Browser Settings or Preferences > Privacy.

  2. Select “Always allow” (or similar).

  3. Refresh the page with the viewer on it.

  4. Return to Browser Settings or Preferences and revert to the default of “Allow from websites I visit” (or similar).

If third-party cookies must be disabled, some browsers allow for domain exceptions (e.g.,,,, etc.) to be added:



Allow [*.]