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The items listed in the table below summarize recent updates to Blackboard known issues database. Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all known issues, but rather ones users may experience.

Please open an RT ticket if you need additional information or support for any known issue on this list or if you think you may have encountered a new known issue.




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May 13, 2024

Course File Access Issue

myUMBC post

Blackboard users may be unable to access course file attachments. Error messages may include:

We are currently working with Blackboard to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. A status update will be shared once more information is available. 

May 15th Update:

Blackboard released an update overnight, which we believe has addressed this issue. We are continuing to monitor Blackboard for ongoing file access issues. If you experience an issue with course file access, please submit an RT request for assistance.

May 14th Update:

The course file issue appears to be mostly resolved, with some ongoing intermittent issues reported. Blackboard is investigating this issue. If you are continuing to experience an issue with course file access, please submit an RT request for assistance.


May 7, 2024

Unsaved Text Disappears When Switching Browser Window Resolution Between Small and Large Screen Layouts in Ultra


In the Ultra experience, when creating a document, any unsaved text entered will disappear if users switch the browser window resolution between small and large screen layouts or resize the browser window in "restore down" mode.

Expected fix in June 2024 release.

May 7, 2024

When Ultra Question Banks are Copied From an Ultra Course to Another Alt-text is Removed From Question Images


When images from Question Banks are copied from one Ultra Course to another, it will not retain their alt-text.  Instead, the copies will default back to the image's filename.

Expected fix in June 2024 release.

May 7, 2024

Students Receive a Permission Error when Launching LTI Items from the Activity Stream


Students experience a permission error on attempting to Launch an LTI item from the Activity Stream if the associated grading column for the LTI item has been hidden from students.  Despite the item being available and having no release conditions or availability restrictions users observe this message: "You don't have permissions to access this content"

Resolution/Workaround: The error is not experienced if the student opens the LTI item from within the course. Expected fix in June 2024 release.

April 27, 2024

Microsoft Teams Item is Missing in Ultra Courses when Using Safari


In Ultra view mode, when Safari browser is used the 'Enable Microsoft Teams' link will be missing. However, the link will be available when other browsers are used.


  • Use a different browser than Safari.

  • Per Learn Product Development, MS Teams Classes requires cookies in the browser by design. If an end-user wants to see the MS Teams in Safari, the user must uncheck the "Prevent cross-site tracking" in the browser Settings (Preferences) > Privacy tab.

April 24, 2024

Graders are Unable to Grade Unavailable Discussions


When a discussion is made unavailable to students, users with the grader role get an access denied message when they try to add a grade.

April 24, 2024

Page Jumps to the Top When Editing Pool Questions in a Test


In Ultra course view the page jumps to the top when editing pool questions in a test and using Chromium Browsers. The expected behavior is that the page stays at the edited question. 

April 24, 2024

When Using the Google Chrome Browser the Discussion Board Does not Expand


When Using the Google Chrome Browser in Ultra Courses the Input Area of the Discussion Board Does not Expand. The input area cannot be opened, therefore, the user cannot type.

April 24, 2024

Launching Discussion Board Produces {{panelTitle}} Error


When accessing an Ultra Course that has a graded Discussion Board, a {{panelTitle}} error message is displayed. This occurs only after a student has posted to the board.

Workaround: Refreshing the page eliminates the issue.

April 16, 2024

Unable to send Messages from Ultra Gradebook


Clicking the “Send Message” button in the Gradebook student view or “Message Student” option in the student list view does not work.

Expected fix in June 2024 release.

Feb 15, 2024

The Downloaded copy of the Full Grade Center in the Original Courses Does not Include all the Columns


In the Original view mode, when a copy of the full grade center is downloaded to work offline, some columns will be missing if they were initially not included in the grade center calculation. 

A fix is planned for the February 15th, 2024 maintenance release.


Jan 26, 2024

Ultra Conversion Report Error


When converting an Instructor's Choice View course from Original to Ultra, the Conversion Report is missing leading to an Oops! error message box when viewing the conversion details.


Jan 23, 2024

When Courses have Third Party Content with Due Dates Students Receive Past Due Emails Even if They Have Submitted


On affected sites, students may receive Past Due Emails even though they submitted their assignment on time. This is only occurring for 3rd Party Content such as LTI or Cloud Connector Items.

Jan 19, 2024

Grading by Question Will Refresh the Assignment and Will Go to the Top of the List


When an instructor grades from questions, as soon as s/he sets a score, the page will refresh and then it will go back to the top of the list. This does not happen when grading from students.


Google Chrome changes in 2024 may impact integrated LTI tools using browser cookies


Starting January 2024, Google will roll out changes to its Chrome browser, restricting all cookies by default.


Users can change their settings in Chrome to accept cookies from impacted tools.
How do I enable third-party cookies for Blackboard and related integrations?

Support bulletin / no fix applicable


In Ultra Course View the LTI Content Embedded in Learning Modules Fails to Open


In Ultra courses, if an LTI content item is added to a learning module, students navigating through the module using navigation arrows will see the LTI content peek panel open but fail to load. 

Workaround: Students may click on the LTI item link directly for the LTI item to open.



Peer Review Submissions Lose Associations to Assignment if Peer Review Feedback Due Date is Changed


In Ultra courses, assignments using peer review feedback will not display feedback to students or the instructor if the due date for peer review feedback has been edited.

Please note that when functioning as designed, peer review feedback will be shown to students after the grade for the peer review assignment is posted.

Workaround: To prevent this issue, please do not edit the peer review due date if any students have submitted assignments. In some cases, instructors may download the complete grade history for the assignment to view the provided peer feedback.



In Ultra Courses the Progress Tracking is not marked for Discussions automatically.


In Ultra Courses, the Progress Tracking is not marked for Discussions automatically after students submit a response to a Discussion.

Workaround: Students may mark the Discussion complete after opening the Discussion. Alternatively, the Discussion will be marked "complete" after it has been graded.

Will Not Fix