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Resources for Scheduling Coordinators 

This page includes all the resources Scheduling Coordinators might need to create and edit their Schedule of Classes.  Included below are self-paced learning videos, quick reference guides, and descriptions of training opportunities offered throughout the scheduling cycle.

Summer/Fall 2011 Kick-off Meeting Presentation

Click here to download a copy of the Presentation for the Scheduling Coordinators Summer/Fall 2011

Below are video recordings of Scheduling Coordinators Kick-off Meeting held on August 10, 2010.  Due to the length of the presentation, we were required to chunk the material covered during the live meeting into topics.  Click on the desired topic link to view the streaming video.

Information about Combined Sections and Cross-listed Classes

Information about a new communication plan 

Forms/Training Handouts

Combined Section Form - New combined section request form for Summer/Fall 2011.

Best Practices and Other Handouts - the handouts distributed during the Scheduling Coordinator Kick-off Meeting. These include an overview of changes for the current scheduling cycle, a quick reference guide for printing the class schedule, description of how to create auto-enroll classes, and various related documents.

Scheduling Worksheets- an excel spreadsheet that can be used as a template for determining how to setup your classes.  It includes columns for section number, associated number, component type, auto-enroll number, meeting pattern, instructors, etc.  The template can be downloaded and modified to meet your individual departmental requirements.standard times at umbc.doc

Scheduling Guidelines - document that outlines standard time blocks for 3 credit classes and the Distribution of Class Meeting Times

Cross Listed Lunch & Learn Presentation - powerpoint document that is used for the cross listed lunch & learn.

Self-Paced Learning / Videos

Schedule of Classes Fundamentals (for PC users - MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER) - This self-paced class is designed for scheduling coordinators.  It details the steps for creating a new class in SA, editing a class in SA, and adding additional section numbers in SA.  Associated class numbers are introduced in this class.

Schedule of Classes Advanced (for PC users - MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER) - This self-paced class is designed for scheduling coordinators.  It details how to create classes that have multiple components (i.e., Lecture and Lab or Discussions).  It details how to effectively use associated class numbers to ensure all class sections are appropriately linked together.

Printing the Schedule of Classes Report - This short video walks you through how to print the schedule of classes report in SA.

Training for Schedule of Classes

Contact Nate Czarnota ( if you require Schedule of Classes training. 

Training is scheduled on an as needed basis and can be conducted one-on-one.

Schedule of Classes - Refresher Training

This training is scheduled on an as needed basis. To request Refresher training, contact Nate Czarnota at or Susan Dawson at

Reserve Capacity Training

(Note: Classes are scheduled on an as needed basis. Contact Nate Czarnota ( for one-on-one training.)

Audience: Experienced Scheduling Coordinators who are responsible for entering the schedule of classes.

This one hour hands-ons training will show Scheduling Coordinators how to implement Reserve Capacities for the Winter/Spring 2011 Schedule of Classes.  Scheduling Coordinators will practice setting Reserve Capacities for certain types of classes and learn how they affect student registration.  Scheduling Coordinators will be able ask questions and will take away a "Best Practices for Utilizing Reserve Capacities" job aid

Schedule of Classes - Fundamentals

(Note:  Classes are scheduled on an as needed basis.

Audience: NEW Scheduling Coordinators (no prior experience with Sched. Of Classes)

The first of two courses that will introduce you to the concepts and business processes around entry of the Schedule of Classes for Winter/Spring 2010. This class will provide you with extensive hands-on practice.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the Course Catalog
  • Generating  the Print Class Schedule report
  • Making edits to existing class sections
  • Adding new sections to an existing class
  • Creating a basic 3-credit class from scratch
  • Creating Special Topic and Independent Study classes

**Pre-work for course** View Student Snippet Videos to learn how students register for classes. 

Click link to page that includes these video tutorials.  View the videos Add a Class, Drop a Class and Swap a Class. 

Schedule of Classes - Advanced

(Note:  Classes are scheduled on an as needed basis.)

Audience: NEW Scheduling Coordinators (no prior experience with Sched. Of Classes)

This course will introduce to you the concepts of building a more complex schedule of classes. Once you have explored the concepts involved with class associations, multiple components, graded and non-graded, enroll and non-enroll and the use of wildcards you will learn the power that you now have to create and control your class schedules that best fit your needs.

(SOC- Fundamentals is the prerequisite for this class)