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Guideline 161 - AOK Library & Gallery Assembly Bylaws

Article I: Identification

Section 1. Name. The name of this organization shall be the Library Assembly, hereafter called "the Assembly."
Section 2. Purpose. The Assembly's purpose shall be:

  1. To act as an advisory group to the Library Director on problems and guidelines that affect the Library and the people it serves.

  2. To establish and maintain effective communication among the Assembly membership.

Article II: Membership

Composition. All Library & Gallery staff employed on a regular or contingent basis.

Article III: Organization

Section 1. Frequency and length of meetings. The Assembly shall meet no fewer than nine times during the fiscal year. The Executive Board will schedule meetings each semester, attempting to distribute meetings equitably, i.e., time will be set at 2 p.m. and will alternate between Friday and another weekday.
Section 2. Quorum. 25% of the Assembly membership.
Section 3. Conduct. Assembly members shall conduct themselves according to the guidelines established by Library Guideline 120.
Section 4. Rules for procedure and agenda. The agenda for any regular meeting shall include, if applicable, the call to order, approval of minutes, director's report, unfinished business, committee reports, new business, discussion and recommendations, and adjournment, in no prescribed order.
Section 5. Parliamentary Authority. Robert's Rules of Order (Revised), in the latest edition, shall govern the division in all cases in which it can be applied and which are not governed by these Bylaws.

Article IV: Elected Officers

Section 1. Name and purpose. Elected officers shall be called the Executive Board, and will meet as needed with the Director of the Library, on their initiative, to address issues of interest to the Assembly and to advise the Director.
Section 2. Elected Officers. The elected officers of the organization shall be the Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary.
Section 3. Terms of Office. Terms of office shall be 1 year, and will correspond with the fiscal, i.e., July 1st through June 30th. The board President shall remain Ex-officio for three months during changes in administration.
Section 4. Duties.

  1. Chair. Responsible for chairing Assembly meetings, organizing and overseeing the business of the Assembly, and representing the Assembly in the Library Executive Council, as needed.

  2. Vice-Chair. Assists the Chair in carrying out the above responsibilities, representing the Chair when necessary.

  3. Secretary. Responsible for the Assembly minutes and other records of the Assembly.

Article V. Committees.

Section 1. Formation. Assembly committees shall be formed as needed.
Section 2. Standing Committees.

  1. Bylaws Committee. Appointed by the Executive Board when needed, and comprised of at least three Assembly members.

  2. Nominations Committee. Appointed by the Executive board and comprised of at least three Assembly members. The committee shall oversee the nominations and election process, and shall be convened at least six weeks prior to July 1st for General Elections.

Article VI. Elections

Section 1. General Elections. The election of the Executive Board occurs every fiscal year.
Section 2. Nominations and Elections procedures. Call for nominations; collect and collate the nominations; contact nominees to verify their willingness to serve; prepare and distribute the election ballot; count the returns; and announce the winning slate.
Section 3. Special Elections. In the event that one or more Executive Board member is unwilling or unable to complete his or her term, a Nominations Committee shall be appointed and a special election shall be held in accordance with general elections procedures.

Article VI. Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Assembly by a quorum, providing notice of such amendments has been given in writing to the membership at least 7 days prior to the meeting at which the proposed amendment is being considered for adoption.

Edited 8/13/04.

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