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Guideline 629 - Adjustments to Earnings (Timely Processing)

In accord with University policy and procedures, all adjustments to earnings of salaried and hourly wage staff and student assistants resulting from presence/absence during a bi-weekly pay period and documented by the corresponding completed, approved time sheet must be computed and reported promptly and completely by the department payroll preparer(s) and responsible administrator(s) within the following work week. Such adjustments include, but are not limited to:

  • additional payment for approved overtime hours worked by non-exempt staff

  • additional payment for shift differential worked by eligible non-exempt staff

  • deductions from pay arising from disciplinary suspension or leave without pay (either approved or unapproved)

  • payment for hours worked by hourly wage-rate staff including student assistants and temporary staff

Payroll processing of such adjustments and exceptions to basic salary shall be complete and entire. That is, no positive or negative adjustment or exception arising within a single bi-weekly pay period may be held or apportioned for implementation in multiple paychecks. Each and every adjustment is to be paid or deducted in full upon receipt by the department payroll preparer(s) of the approved time sheet or other acceptable written documentation of the adjustment/exception to pay.

Exceptions to this guideline may be approved by the Director of Human Resources upon recommendation of the Director of the Library (e.g., claimed undue financial hardship arising from leave without pay).

reference: UMS Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees V-6, & 3, AThe reporting of all such exceptions to the basic salary shall lag the pay period by exactly one weekly work period.@

guideline drafted 8/11/95

updated 8/2/12

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