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eBeam instructions for Rm 259


Projector setup

  • Place Tabletop Projector in proper location given by marks on table,

  • Connect Black power cable and Black video cable to Computer 2 on projector

  • Turn off Ceiling projector by pressing and holding the "STANDBY" button on      SHARP Projector Remote

  • Raise the screen with the key control on the wall

  • Turn on tabletop Projector.

              *If desktop is not displayed: ensure Computer 2 input is selected

  • Adjust Projector placement (as needed).

eBeam Physical Setup

  •  Plug in eBeam power cable to receiver and to wall, ensure that the green ring is lit

  •  Place eBeam receiver (magnetic) on metal mount: left edge of whiteboard

  •  Plug in Bluetooth USB dongle into white extension cable (on table, under monitor)

eBeam Computer Setup

  *if computer does not recognize or connect to eBeam device

  • Right click on Bluetooth icon next to the clock 

  •  Left click on "Add a Bluetooth Device", click box next to "My device is ready..."

  •  Click "Next" > Click Device "ebeam 22-2693" >

  •  Select second option "Enter Passkey"> type "1234"> Click "Next"> Click Finish

eBeam Workspace Program

  • Open eBeam Workspace Program on desktop or Start menu

  • Calibrate eBeam by RIGHT clicking on the eBeam Workshop icon next to the clock and select Calibrate my device. Touch the wand to the red crosshairs and you're done.


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