Financial Administrative Dashboards (FADs)

At UMBC, we recognize the critical role of data in driving informed decision-making and achieving financial excellence. With the implementation of the Financial Administrative Dashboards, we have embraced a more intuitive and interactive approach to visualize and analyze our financial data. The legacy Rex Finance reports will remain available but will eventually be phased out.


Key Features and Benefits:

· Improved Accuracy allowing the campus to have a "single source of truth."

· Options to Expand/Collapse to display levels of the Department and Account hierarchies.

· More flexible filters with the ability to select multiple funds, departments, and projects.

· Ability to show budgets at a point in time.

· Sharing capability allows users to share their dashboard with their selected filters and views, allowing easier collaboration.


To access FADs, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect to the "Eduroam" network, a wired connection on-campus, or log on to the VPN.

  2. Visit

  3. Click the "FADs" icon.

  4. Select either Finance Summary Reports or Finance Detail Reports.