How do I enroll a phone that does not meet Duo's minimum standards?

Please follow these directions if your phone does not meet the Minimum Requirements listed below: 

Android -

(currently Android 10.0 or newer)

iPhone -

(currently iOS 14 or newer, iPhone 6S or newer)


  1. Log in to any UMBC application that requires WebAuth, for example, myUMBC.

  2. After you enter your password, you will see the Duo Security introduction. Click 'Next' to advance through the introduction.

3. Next, Duo will ask you to choose a log in method. Choose Phone number, as your device does not support the app.

Once you enroll a device, you will need to have access to it in order to log into many UMBC resources.

While the Landline option may be displayed during setup for students, authentication via landline phone is only available to Faculty and Staff. Students should not enroll a landline either through the dedicated Landline option or using the Mobile Phone option. Enrolling a landline, as a student, may result in being locked out of your account.

4. You will be asked to provide your mobile phone number.

5. Confirm your mobile phone number by entering the passcode send to you by Duo.

6. When asked "Is this your device", if you are not the owner of the computer or device you are using to log in, click 'No, other people use this device'. 

If you select 'Yes, this is my device', Duo will skip multi-factor authentication for this device for the next 30 days.

7. You have now completed enrollment and logged in successfully.

The next time you log in to myUMBC, or any other UMBC site that uses webauth, if you selected "Yes, this is my device", Duo will automatically skip multi-factor authentication for 30 days.

Otherwise, Duo will prompt you to confirm your login by sending you an SMS message with a numeric code to be entered at the prompt.

If you need to change your authentication method, or add a device to log in with (such as a new mobile phone), see How do I change my default device or authentication method for Duo?.