How do I add the pronunciation of my name to my Blackboard profile?

Names hold significant importance, especially when it comes to pronouncing them correctly. To foster an inclusive learning environment, Blackboard offers a name pronunciation feature that enables all users to input a phonetic spelling and a brief audio recording of their name's pronunciation. This valuable tool ensures that everyone can address each other respectfully and accurately.

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  1. From the left Base Navigation (black sidebar) where your name appears, select your name to access your profile.

    Blackboard's new Ultra Experience user profile page
    Blackboard's new Ultra Experience user profile page


  2. Select the pencil icon next to the Pronunciation field.

  3. After the new panel appears, click in the Pronunciation field and type the phonetic pronunciation of your name, whether that is the first or last or both. Your information is saved as you type it.

  4. If you want to record the pronunciation of your name, click on Record name pronunciation.

    NOTE: You must give your browser permission to use your microphone.

  5. A countdown timer will begin.

  6. When the recording starts, you have 20 seconds to speak your name. Please do so clearly and slowly so others can hear the pronunciation.

  7. Listen to the recording. You can re-record if necessary.

  8. Click DONE when you are finished with the profile updates.

Where does the pronunciation appear?

Text guidance and audio recordings appear in these locations in Ultra courses. Original courses are not yet supported:


  • Group Assessments

  • Peer Review

Course Roster

  • Roster

  • User Management

Communication Tools

  • Discussions

  • Messages



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