How do I add a banner image to my Ultra course?

Your banner image always displays as the course card thumbnail on the Courses page. In courses, you can toggle the Course Image to display the image within your course as well.

  1. Go to your Ultra course.

  2. Select Course Image → Edit display settings from the Details & Actions panel on the left side of your course.

  3. Click the Upload new image button.

  4. Select your banner image from your drive or cloud storage. The banner image must be at least 1200 x 240 pixels. NOTE: Images with text are not accessible and do not scale well.

  5. Reposition your image by clicking and dragging. You can also use the arrow keys, to reposition. Click DONE when finished.

  6. Enter a description for your image or mark the image as decorative. NOTE: This element will be available as of 12/3/2021.

    Include an image description for your course banner
    Include an image description for your course banner

  7. Click SAVE to view your course banner.

    Example of course banner
    Example of course banner

Need a banner? Try one of our UMBC branded images!

1. View our Ultra Backgrounds Google Drive folder

2. Open an image

3. Click the download icon in the top right corner to save the the image to your machine

4. Follow the steps above to add the image as the banner in your Ultra course