How do I share a link to a single Panopto video in an Ultra Course?

This tutorial provides guidance on sharing content from Panopto in a Blackboard Ultra course. The steps outlined below do not pertain to Blackboard Original.

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  1. Navigate to your desired area in the Ultra course content area.

  2. Click on the purple sign to add content.

  3. Click on Content Market.

  4. Scroll down to the Institution Tools area and click on Panopto Content Market.

  5. A list of your available videos within the course's Panopto folder will be available. 

  6. Select your desired Panopto video.

    • Adjust the video embed options. (optional)

  7. Click on the Insert button at the bottom of the page.

  8. Confirm that your selected video is successfully shared within your course.

If you would like to send quiz grades to your Ultra gradebook, please see → How do I create a Panopto video quiz or embed a quiz within an existing video?