How do I remove an instructor or student from my course?

We do not support the practice of removing/deleting users from a Blackboard roster. This is done as an audit precaution since this function deletes all records of the student having been in the course and cannot be undone. Instead, we recommend that you make the course unavailable to the user. This maintains the students’ records in the course in case a mistake was made, or the student changes their mind. This will also prevent the student from continuing to access the course material, if that is appropriate for the situation.

Blackboard does not allow instructors to remove other instructors. Please open an RT ticket for a workaround.

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  1. Access your Ultra course.
  2. Select the Roster from the Details & Actions menu on the left side of your course.

  3. A layer will open with a list of instructors, students, and other roles (if relevant) in your course.
  4. Click the group menu icon (...) for the user you wish to modify in your course.
  5. Select Edit Member Information

  6. The Member Information layer will open on the right with the user name and course status.

    Edit Member Information panel

    1. Clear the check mark for Allow access to courseto deny course access, yet retain the user's course record and activity.

      Access denied user message

      The roster indicates the person's status with a gray profile picture with a diagonal line and the person no longer sees your course on theCourses page. 

      NOTE: UMBC disables students automatically when they withdraw from your course. 
    2. Click the trash can to delete the user completely from your course.

      USE CAUTION. This action also deletes all data and grades associated with the person. You'll receive a pop-up confirmation window. 

      Remove user confirmation

  7. Click SAVE to save the roster changes.

Still teaching in Original?
 Get help for removing users from Original courses.

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  1. In the Control Panel, go to Users and Groups > Users

  2. Click on the checkbox next to the name of the user you want to remove

  3. Click on the Remove Users from Course button

  4. Review the warning message.

  5. Click OK to confirm