How do I update my Degree Planner?

The Planner is housed in Peoplesoft. Changes made to your Degree Planner will be reflected in your Degree Progress report in myUMBC. Follow the steps below to use the Planner in your Student Administration self service page and Degree Progress Report in myUMBC.

Log into myUMBC.

Click on "Profile," and you will be taken to your profile page which shows a pictograph of your degree progress.

Your degree progress report will display a "percentage on track" representing the completeness of your degree planner.  Ideally, your percentage will represent that you are 100% on track for degree completion.  

Click the "View More" link below your degree progress pictograph to access your full degree progress report.

Click on the Degree Planner link to the left of your degree progress pictograph. You will be taken to your planner page within in Peoplsoft.

To add courses to your planner, click Add Course.

You will be taken to the Course Catalog page, where you can select a course to add to the planner. Click View Courses and you will be taken to a list of courses for the subject. Then click Add To Planner to add a specific course to your planner.

By default, courses added to the Planner are unassigned. To assign a course to a specific term check the box next to that course and then click Move Selected.

Select the term you want to move the courses into, and then click Move.

The PeopleSoft Planner syncs with the myUMBC Degree Progress Report multiple times per day. Please wait up to 24 hours to see changes made in the Planner reflected in the Degree Progress Report.