How do I check my voicemail using my on-campus VOIP phone?

When you receive a new voicemail message, a solid red light will appear on your handset. An old cassette tape icon will also appear on your phone display.

Listen to Messages on your VOIP Phone

On your VOIP phone, press the Messages button and follow the voice prompts. To check messages for a specific line, press the line button first.

Sending Calls Straight to Voicemail

Press the Decline soft key during an inbound call and that call will be sent directly to your voicemail.

Listen to Messages from Another Phone or From Off-Campus

x58880 (from on campus)
410-455-8880 (from off campus)

When accessing the voicemail system from off campus or from a phone other than your VOIP phone, press * after the system answers. When prompted for your ID, enter your 4 or 5 digit extension number and press #.  When prompted, enter your PIN/passcode and follow up with another #.  If you were not given your initial PIN/passcode, please open a support request ticket by clicking on "REQUEST HELP" on the side of this page

When you check your voicemail for the first time, the system will prompt you to change your PIN/passcode, record and set your greetings, and change your name announcement.

Voicemail to Email

A copy of your voicemail message will be sent directly to your email account. You can listen to the message from your email on your computer or by using your smartphone. Simply delete the email to delete the voicemail from your UMBC email inbox. You will also need to delete the message from your VOIP phone mailbox. Another copy of your message will be stored here.