How do I renew the license on my SPSS Software?

  1. Start the SPSS License Authorization Wizard using one of the following methods based on your operating system: 

    • For Mac, locate it from Finder here: Applications -> IBM -> SPSS -> Statistics -> SPSS version # -> SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard

    • For Windows, either search for IBM SPSS in the search bar or locate it from the Start Menu here: Start -> IBM SPSS Statistics [version #] -> IBM SPSS [version #] Statistics License Authorization Wizard

      • If there isn't a IBM SPSS [version #] Statistics License Authorization Wizard, you may have to do this instead:

        • Open IBM SPSS

        • When the first window appears, click to open a blank dataset

        • Then, click File and scroll in the File menu until you see Manage license

        • Once you click on Manage license, click on the License Wizard option that appears

  1. When the SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard opens (or select Launch License Wizard and then click Next on the License Status window), select Authorized user license and then click Next.

  2. Enter the appropriate student or faculty/staff authorization code into the Enter Code area, (for SPSS 27 and newer, click Add after entering in the authorization code) and then click Next. 

  3. Once the code successfully authorizes, click Next to proceed and then click Finish to complete the licensing.

    • If you had to follow the instructions to go to File > Manage license, you'll need to click the option that says to restart SPSS in order to have the license come into effect