How do I use the DocuSign Envelope Workflow Review Tool?

Privacy Statement

The DocuSign Envelope Workflow Review tool does not provide any data defined as sensitive.

However, it can display data that requires discretion and is covered under UMBC confidentiality guidelines for access.

It is imperative that information previewed is not information shared outside of business needs.


The purpose of this tool is to assist with access to envelopes that normally would not be available because:

  • DocuSign security only allows access to roles associated with an envelope.

    • e.g. Payroll preparer initiated the envelope but is out of the office and a supervisor needs to verify the status of the request.

  • DocuSign security only allows access to roles of the envelope that are currently ready to sign or have already signed.

    • e.g. A department supervisor is in the workflow however the department manager must sign before the envelope is visible to the supervisor role. If the manager still needs to sign, the supervisor, with this new tool, can review and prompt the signing action.


Access is granted by group assignments.

  • Each enterprise form has one or more groups assigned to each form.

  • DocuSign users are assigned one or more groups that align with the group assigned to enterprise forms.

  • To request access submit a ticket to the DocuSign support team.


  1. Open the DocuSign Envelope workflow Review tool -

  2. Required inputs:

    • Select the date range desired.

    • Select the status desired:

      • Sent: The email notification has been sent to at least one recipient. The envelope remains in this state until all recipients have viewed the envelope.

      • Delivered: All recipients have opened the envelope. This does not signify an email delivery of an envelope.

      • Completed: All recipients have completed the envelope.

      • Declined: The envelope has been declined by one of the recipients.

      • Voided: The envelope has been voided by the sender OR the envelope has EXPIRED.

      • Sent, Delivered: Both Send AND Delivered envelopes match other criteria.

      • All: Sent, Delivered, Completed, Declined, Voided.

    • Search and select the desired form.

  3. Optional inputs:

    • Search envelope subjects for desired text.

    • The default sort is ascending. Descending is an option.

      • Create Date

      • Subject

      • Status

Example Workflow Review Page