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  • UMBC Tag #
  • Requires a chartstring for Workforce pickup:
    • Fund Code
    • Program Fin (P-fin)
    • Department
    • Account Number
    • Depending on the Fund Code there may also be a required
      • Project#
      • Sponsor ID
  • Requires a comment regarding disposition
  • Requires a signature.Requires the Item Description.
  • Requires the Serial Number if the item has one.
  • Requires the location of Building and Room.
  • Requires a signature.

Overall Process:

Assets are “disposed” when the Workforce picks up the equipment.  When a piece of equipment is being disposed by methods other than Workforce or Ecycle, please contact Inventory Control.  When the disposition form is completed the Property Custodian and Approver must sign.  The form is forwarded to Inventory Control for review and approval.