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What is the Self Support and Aux. Project Summary by Account Multi-Year report?

The Self Support and Auxiliary Project Summary by Account Multi-Year report allows users to see a summary of activity by account for a specific project and time period.

Who should use this report?

Users who want a quick activity summary of one specific project.


Running the Report

File Path: Financial Services > Financial Reports > Summary Report > Self-Support and Aux. Project Summary by Account Multi-Year


Fund - Select either 1112 (Auxiliary), 1113 (Self-Support), or 1116 (Service Unit).

Department - Select a department with a 5 digit department code.

Projects - Select one of the projects associated with the department.

Start Date - Select any date.

End Date - The end date can be in a different fiscal year than the start date.

How to read the report?

The tables show accounts on one side of the page and the summary of each accounts financial activity.

If the user is interested in seeing the detail behind the numbers, they can click on any of the numbers in color for the complete Actuals Detail by Date Period report with the same parameters.

Drill Downs
Drilling on the numbers will show the Actuals Detail by Date Period for the dates selected.