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Students on a wait list can be automatically enrolled in your course when space becomes available.  In addition, wait lists can be used to identify course demand.  If your class has a wait list equal to your current class size, it is an indication that there may be a need to offer an additional class section.

We recommend that your capacity for your wait list be equal to your class size and be setup to automatically allow students to enroll in your class should space become available.  Your scheduling coordinator sets up your wait list as part of the scheduling process.

Please note that If you grant a student permission to take your class as a Closed Class permission, then the student will be allowed to enroll in the class and bypass the other students on the wait list.

When a student is on a wait list for a class and the student either enrolls in another class section or a class that meets during the same time as your class, the wait list process will not move that student into your class.  When this happens, students in lower positions on the wait list will bypass the student with a conflict.

For the fall and spring semesters, wait lists are purged on the 5th day of the semester.  Summer and winter session wait lists are purged the day prior to the start of the session. 

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Not all classes have the ability to wait list students.  The capability for a class to have a wait list is determined when the class is setup for a term by the scheduling coordinator.
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