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Library Collection Management or Special Collections staff review all donations of gifts-in-kind (books, journals, photographs, and other materials) received in each calendar year.   Upon recommendation of the Friends Council in its November 14, 1991, meeting, those individuals, corporations, or other organizations contributing gifts-in-kind which are internally valued at $100 or more will be added to the membership of the UMBC Friends of the Library & Gallery.  Individual gift-in-kind donors are eligible for one year's borrowing privileges as a Special Borrower.  Individual donors joining the Friends with a cash gift of $50 or more are also eligible for borrowing privileges for one year. Memberships are active for no less than one calendar year from date of donation. In some cases gifts are received in the Fall for the following year's Friends membership; in such cases, borrowing privileges may be granted immediately and extended to the end of the following calendar year.